Hi. My name is Shizuka Kuroiwa. I have been employed at the University of California, Berkeley for the past 18 years. I moved to Berkeley from Honolulu for a position to work as a Graduate Student Advisor in the Biophysics Research Group and to returned to school for post-baccalaureate work in Biochemistry and Pre-Med. I wanted to become a Forensic Pathologist.


Approximately two years later, while still in school, I was given the opportunity to work for the Management of Technology (MOT) Program to build their website. Building the MOT website lead to creating conference websites and event posters, which lead to developing the MOT brochure, which lead to designing logos, and eventually a full-time position within MOT as their web and print designer. I do not regret this change in career paths as my love for web and print design was awakened and to this day unstoppably continues.


Unfortunately, my time with the MOT Program came to an end when funding for the program ceased. As luck would have it, I was quickly able to find a position with in the School of Public Health's Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH) Program. It was a fantastic opportunity it has been to expand my design horizons. The COEH director's office is like an umbrella that includes 11 other programs from not only UC Berkeley, but UC Davis and UC San Francisco. My roll is to create a cohesive, branded COEH story amongst the 11 diverse programs while allowing them to maintain their individual identities through web and print design.

I have always been a creative person. I am good at receiving fragments of ideas and bringing them together to create something that is both functional and beautiful. I find myself at peace when I have worked diligently on a project and can present my best work to a satisfied client.


 began working at the MOT program with one web design class on my resume. From there, I learned about web and print design through conferences, workshops, and determination to learn how to improve my skills. Learning web and print design is a never ending study. My inspiration to continue to learn my craft comes from daily life from visiting an art exhibit at the Berkeley Art Museum to watching the way rain lands on the pavement to simply wanting to be better at what I do. I am constantly thinking of design. I am always designing in my mind. I feel very fortunate to have taken this career path in life.


Shizuka Kuroiwa


50 University Hall, Office 759

Berkeley, CA  94720-7360